JMK Designs Chicago  has been in the business of creating unique and wearable jewelry since 2012 . Each piece is created by Jodi Krugman personally in Chicago, and is inspired by beauty, travel and fashion. Jodi is also an Equestrian in the hunter world of riding, and creates items specifically for this collection. The  goal when starting the company was to create items that make people smile when worn, that customers can build as they shop, while giving back to the community as well.  Animal welfare is a subject Jodi is passionate about, and a large percentage of the sales go toward various animal charities nationwide.  Creating a positive shopping experience, and assisting you in selecting pieces to enhance your current collection is what we are all about. Adding a JMK item to your current mix, or purchasing an entire arm or neck party, Jodi is here to create.  JMK Designs Chicago also welcomes personal shopping appearances in boutiques, pop-ups and private parties.